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At Eclipse Dental we constantly improve and invest in the latest YZ Zirconia technology and techniques, giving our doctors and their patients the most esthetic and long lasting restorations available. When you prescribe for and EclipZir, you are getting the most innovative YZ Zirconia technology handcrafted by one of our highly trained technicians.

EclipZir Esthethic

 This option offers a higher degree of esthetics with a minor drop off in strength. 


The original  high strength Zirconia. This option is mainly for strength and not esthetic, but offers many opportunities to improve esthetics and to keep strength.

Vita Suprinity

This option is Lithium Silicate with Zirconia reinforced. All ceramic and similar to eMAX, this option offers added strength. Available for full  contour or layered for added esthetics.

Vita Mark II/ Triluxe Forte

This optoin is a feldspathic porcelain restoration with high translucency for excellent shade matching with patients' natural teeth.